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  1. After reading your words and your call for a well smooth running democracy, I am wondering if we use the same capacity of interpretation? New generations have new tools with Etechnologies and it’s a good thing indeed: people, friends, relatives can communicate quicker than ever.

    Decision makers, advertisers, managers explore that special sphere too! at the end of that adaptation, we can easily imagine that our world of communication will be changed and more adapted to our individual needs. But life is not ONLY a question of communication! hard workers of XIXth century are slowly disappearing as our farmers, “intelligencia” and “elite” seems to be an old concept too!! Improvement of education with the help of science and technology is shared by more and more people and the relation between high education and high wages is slowly vanishing. The share of short term speculation in common life is increasing but:!!! life is a slow process engaging quality, determination and patience: I feel that we have chosen a strange way of speedy life controled by logical procedures making sick more and more people. Our modern democracy needs no doubt more “tenderness” and “respect” as was singing a wonderful artist, Otis Redding.

    Technologies are going to produce money and added value, will they produce proud and gentle people!!???

    sincerely yours,

    marc pierre henriot

  2. @ Marc: Many thanks for your insight on how ICT can contribute to better Democracy …
    To answer your main question, one can argue that ICT is transforming how people work, learn and get organized, however, you will still have a human being behind the screen and this human being can use ICT for the good, as during the “Arab Spring”, or the bad, as for hatred and terrorism. Citizens’ engagement using ICT have the potential to bring the citizen back in the game of politics and Democracy. Therefore, it has the potential to generate a more efficient and inclusive Democracy combining more transparency and better governance …
    Shall it change human nature? I doubt.
    Shall it improve the way we run our democratic societies? I am convinced …

    Do not hesitate to invite your colleagues, friends and interested contacts to contribute to this exciting debate on the first steps toward a European Public Sphere and a more participatory decision making process in EU.

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