Shape the ECI by contributing early!

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Last Wednesday, hosted its 1st BlogActiv Bloggers Café bringing together around 30 EU bloggers and European Citizens’ Initiative stakeholders.

This Bloggers Café presented the audience new design and the Online Debate on “Stakeholders’ Community to Federate European Citizens’ Initiatives” in partnership with

The debate around the European Citizens’ Initiative has definitely started at this event.

After Daniel VAN LERBERGHE, Social Media Director and PoliTech Founder, has presented this online debate, many participants have shown a great interest in this “participatory instrument”, first of its kind in a transnational environment like the EU.

Now the Tweetosphere as well as the bloggosphere is engaged ! Show your engagement and interest by actively contributing online!

Further reading:

Daniel VAN LERBERGHE, “Shape the ECI by Contributing Early: Stakeholders’ Community Federating European Citizens’ Initiatives”, presentation (13 July 2011)


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