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To forge a real sense of ownership and belonging, EU leaders and politicians should better market the European project, said the Indian dean of French business school INSEAD, Dipak C. Jain, in a recent interview with EurActiv. Having followed the American Dream and now seeking to live the European Dream, the Indian says that Europe’s citizens take the unity of the continent for granted and fail to “own it” or nurture it enough.

“Look, Coke and Pepsi, everyone in the world knows Coke and Pepsi, but every day they are still advertising. Somebody would ask that question: Why should Coke and Pepsi advertise? They are so well-known. But every day you still see their ads because that is the measure of communicating, of creating a sense of freshness,” Jain said.

People should be proud of what they have achieved, he said, adding that those achieving excellence abroad should come back and explain the uniqueness of the European model.

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